With this reversible fan, the blades are rotated with pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. Resetting takes place by spring force. If required, the cleaning process can be automated with a timer.


  • The pneumatic actuation either takes place via the compressed air system of the vehicle and an intermediate valve, or a CLEANFIX compressor unit.
  • The hydraulic operation takes place via the hydraulic supply of the vehicle and an interposed valve.

Pneumatic actuation


Hydraulic actuation

with patented Cleanfix Smart Seal System

The CLEANFIX SC can also be retrofitted with an adapter flange. Individual solutions are possible through CLEANFIX.

Optional: CLEANFIX Flex-Tips.

All round tip

The elastic CLEANFIX Flex-Tips on the blade-tips increase the flow of the CLEANFIX SC by 8-15%, and can also reduce the fan speed and therefore additionally save fuel.