Due to manufacturing tolerances and rubber isolators on the radiator, there is a gap on most machines between the fan and the fan shroud with a width that can be 2% to 5% of the fan diameter. This leads to air recirculation around the edges of the blades, turbulence, and fan performance losses of up to 20%.

Reducing the air re-circulation through the gap results in more efficient fan cooling! To overcome this design challenge, CLEANFIX Flex-Tips were developed.

CLEANFIX Flex-Tips are semi-rigid tips affixed to the ends of the fan blades. They decrease the gap between the fan blades and the shroud. The Flex-Tips can make direct contact with the fan shroud reducing the gap between the fan and the shroud. This decreases air recirculation and increases desired airflow of all CLEANFIX reversible fans by 8% to 15%. Fan speeds may then be reduced resulting in additional fuel and horsepower savings.

Flex Tips Effizienz

That all CLEANFIX fans can also be retrofitted with CLEANFIX Flex-Tips is also certainly a powerful message.